The University of Michigan must lead the charge to a clean energy future by committing to a just transition to true carbon neutrality by 2030. 



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What is The ClimateActionMovement

The Climate Action Movement (CAM) at U-M is a coalition of University stakeholders — students, staff, faculty, alumni and Ann Arbor community members — that are driving the President, Regents, and Deans to enact sustainability policy and ethics that reflect the values of the broader U of M community with a focus on the commitment to, and attainment of, a just transition to carbon neutrality by 2030. The Climate Action Movement serves as an independent group to hold the University accountable for its commitments and achievements towards carbon neutrality.

Take Action

During his Oct. 4, 2018, Leadership Breakfast, President Schlissel announced a commitment to "putting U-M on a trajectory toward carbon neutrality, and levels of greenhouse gas release that are environmentally sustainable." He is working to form a presidential commission that will be "tasked with developing U-M’s plan." Tell Pres. Schlissel and the Commission to establish a quick and ambitious Climate Action Plan that has a Carbon Neutrality date of no later than 2035.

Sign the Carbon Neutrality Petition to show President Schlissel and the Administration that the U-M/AA comunity wants carbon neutrality by 2030.


One of the Climate Action Movement's goals is to spread awareness about the lack of climate action on the U-M campus. We believe that information inspires action, and have found that much of the U-M community does not know the realities of U-M climate action (or lack there-of). There are a variety of resources out there that CAM has been collecting and organizing them to make it easier for everyone to get informed and up-to-date on the current climate issues on U-M's campus. Learn more about the lack of U-M's climate action, and what the Climate Action Movement is doing to raise awareness and bring about climate action on U-M's campus! 

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